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Code of Conduct


Objective and Scope

The purpose of the document is to establish a set of guidelines and procedures which outline the responsibilities and behaviour of water polo players and swimmers who are members of the Huddersfield Otters Water Polo Club.

Code of Conduct

Behaviour and personal conduct must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport, and the club Language in public and relevant group situations must always be appropriate and socially acceptable.

Consumption of alcohol is totally forbidden prior to training and competitive events, and for athletes under age as defined by UK law. It must not be consumed by swimmers or club officials whilst en route to a competition event, training event or team activities without specific consent of the coaching team. During competition alcohol is strictly forbidden to all swimmers and club officials.

Smoking is prohibited by swimmers and club officials during a competition event, training session or team activities.

Personal appearance shall be appropriate to the circumstances and as indicated by the club officials. Team kit and equipment shall be worn as directed by club officials when competing and training, when assembling or travelling, at official team functions or on any occasion as notified.

Attendance at all activities is expected unless agreed by the coaching team. Punctuality on all occasions is essential.

Illegal and performance enhancing drugs and substances are strictly forbidden. Swimmers are expected to be aware of the current list of banned substances and particular care should be exercised if anyone is on medication prior to or during an event.

Illegal drugs and substances. The use of these, even though they may not appear on the official banned list in respect of performance enhancing drugs, is nonetheless prohibited.

Medication. It is important that information on all medication being currently taken should be reported to the club officials. Allergies to any medication must be reported to and recorded by the coaching team.

Sanctions. Breaches of the code of conduct shall be dealt with in the first instance by the coaching team. He / she shall report the incident to the secretary and chairman of the club who shall take such further action as is deemed necessary.

In addition it is expected that all members of the Huddersfield Otters Water Polo Club when attending any event or training session shall:

  • Comply with the codes, rules and laws within the guidelines set out by the ASA.
  • Behave without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language, religion, gender or social status.
  • Respect the basic human rights, worth and dignity or each member.
  • Not encourage swimmers, volunteers, officials or parents to violate the rules of the club or the sport.
  • Observe the authority and the decisions of the officials.
  • Encourage all swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and laws both in and out of the pool.
  • Treat other competitors and teams with respect, in victory and defeat.

Approved by the Huddersfield Otters Water Polo Committee - 9th October 2012. Effective 1st January 2013 and until such time as the code of conduct is amended or updated.

When paying your water polo club membership fees, you are tacitly agreeing to the above code of conduct.