Additional Club Rules to be observed in respect of Covid 19

 Revision 3 – 16th September 2020 

The following additional club rules MUST be observed by the Committee, coaches, all members, volunteers, parents /guardians of Junior members and anyone attending any club session (playing or otherwise) in any capacity. Failure to comply with these rules may have serious consequences for the health of team-mates and others associated with the club and their families. These rules have been developed in line with a risk assessment agreed with KAL and failure to comply might also lead to KAL withdrawing pool time from the club. Any continued or intentional non-compliance will be referred to the Committee as a conduct issue. 


 a. Appropriate social distancing should be observed at all times in the car parks, reception area and any other area within the  Stadium complex. 

 b. At all times within the Stadium complex, any rules, requirements or guidance imposed by KAL or its staff, (e.g. one way systems, masks, restrictions on access, spectators or numbers in any given area) should be followed carefully. 

 c. Upon arrival, all members, coaches, volunteers and parents / guardians who intend to take part or remain in the building during the session (where permitted by KAL) should check in at our registration point. Do not enter the changing rooms or poolside area until you have checked in and been given permission to do so. Follow any further requirements which may be given to you at check-in. 

 d. Gathering in groups should be avoided outside and inside the building and coaches / members should make their way immediately through the building to changing rooms then to the poolside. 

 e. All those who checked in must check out before leaving.

 f. Safeguarding remains a priority and parents / guardians should ensure that junior players are collected from reception and that they “check out”. 


 a. Members should arrive in trunks / swimsuits ready to swim in order to minimise changing room use. 

 b. After signing in, members should make their way directly through to the changing rooms, change quickly and move on to the poolside. Please remove footwear BEFORE entering the changing rooms. 

 c. Use the changing cubicles to get changed, observing any KAL signage in the changing areas and minimising the time spent in the cubicles in order that everyone can get changed as quickly as possible. 

 d. At the start and the end of each session, a one-way system will be in place around the perimeter of the pool, moving clockwise. Unless directed differently by KAL, enter the pool through the left shower door and leave through the other shower door. Walk close (but not too close) to the pool edge, keeping a distance from those already at bench positions. Stop to allow KAL staff to carry out their work where necessary. 

 e. You will already have been allocated a hat colour (1st session) or Group letter (2nd session). Once on the poolside, move to the side of the pool where your coloured hats are positioned at 2m centres on the benches, or to where your group has been told to gather. 

 f. Stay at that location, placing your bag on the bench and maintaining a 2m spacing. Wait in that location, against the bench to allow others to pass, until coaches start the session and give further instruction. If you need to leave the poolside, use the one way system and walk close to the pool edge. 

 g. Stretching and warming up is permitted on the poolside. Observe those adjacent to you and, where possible, face alternately towards and away from the poolside (one facing the pool, the next away), whilst warming up. 


 a. Coaches will plan sessions to avoid or minimise close proximity of players. It is particularly important that players pay attention when a drill / swim is being explained, so that the coaches plan can be carried out without risk. 

 b. During training, players should maintain appropriate distancing in the pool. Distancing will take priority over the swim or drill being undertaken and players should stop or change direction if they think they will be too close to another player. 

 c. If, at any time, the coaches consider that a swim or drill is not going as planned and that distances between players are at risk, they will blow one long whistle. All players should stop immediately and listen for further instructions. 

 d. Players will be allocated groups in which to train. These groups will be the same each week, until advised otherwise. When balls or other equipment are to be used, one member of each group will take the equipment from the store and will be responsible for returning it. The ball or equipment should be dropped in the pool before use and before returning to the store. 

 e. Each group should use only its own ball or equipment. Players should not return a stray ball from another group. Coaches and volunteers should not handle any group equipment. 

 f. In the event of an injury (or if a player needs to leave the poolside during a session, for any other reason) players should immediately get the attention of one of the coaches or volunteers and exit the water immediately. In the case of injury, instruction will then be given to suit the circumstances of the injury and KAL lifeguard instructions. 


 a. Coaches and volunteers will agree areas in which they will stand / use as the session progresses and shall remain in their agreed areas. If coaches or volunteers need to move around the pool they should do so near to the edge of the pool, and others should move away from the edge to allow them to do so. 

 b. If a player needs to leave the water, coaches and volunteers should step back to allow the player to move around the pool edge. 

 c. Coaches and volunteers should ensure that they do not stand immediately over players in the water when coaching. 


 a. When leaving the pool, players should first splash or swill water on the poolside where they plan to exit. When a player has climbed out, the one way system should be used and care should be taken to avoid coaches and volunteers in their coaching areas. 

 b. When leaving the pool at the end of the session, climb out at the location of your bag. Use the one way system to leave the pool. 

 c. Where players are happy to change on poolside (putting clothes on over wet kit) they should do so at their changing position. It will help to reduce the use of cubicles if players can do so. Shoes should only be put back on when leaving the changing rooms.

 d. Use of showers will be limited to a brief rinse off, with an orderly and properly distanced queue formed. 

 e. Use of cubicles for changing may be limited and will be subject to any KAL rules and directions in place at the time. 

 f. Once changed (whether on the poolside or in cubicles) players should leave the pool / changing area immediately. 


 a. If a player needs to leave the poolside during any session, for any reason, KAL rules and guidelines should be followed at all times. 

 b. Water bottles should be left with each player’s bag / clothes on the benches. Water bottles should preferably be marked with the player’s name. 

 c. All members, coaches, volunteers and others are requested to follow any general Government guidelines on distancing, hand washing and use of sanitisers and the like at all times when attending the Stadium. 

 d. Anyone who is feeling unwell, or has symptoms of Covid-19, should not attend and should follow current Government Guidelines.